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NYT endorsement of marijuana legalization based on scanty science: Critics
12-step and MAT should coexist: Treatment centers
36 AGs sue Suboxone maker for anticompetitive practices
42 CFR Part 2 proposed rule would allow ‘general’ consent
46 governors sign on to opioid ‘compact’
A year after Newtown, what has changed?
ADAW Editor Honored at National Leadership Awards
Addiction psychiatrists step up efforts to flourish in present care system
Addiction treatment may benefit from psychiatrists’ parity lawsuit against United
Addiction treatment provider continues expansion into mental health
Advocacy under Trump: Saving the past 50, not 10, years of progress
AG’s call to move drug offenders out of federal prison increases role for treatment
AGs ask FDA for NAS ‘black box’ warning on prescription opioids
Alcohol or tobacco: NIDA seminar looks at marijuana policy in an era of legalization
American Academy of Pediatrics urges members to prescribe buprenorphine
As illicit opioids replace Rx opioids in OD deaths, CDC focus shifts
ASAM report finds governments, insurers thwart MAT despite opioid epidemic
ATTC's report on workforce: Needs to be more diverse and better trained
Babies aren’t ‘addicts’; mothers should get methadone or buprenorphine
Baby’s mother is the best treatment for NAS
Behavioral pharmacologist with addiction history now helps MAT patients
Best — and least costly — treatment for NAS is mother-infant bond
Best treatments for young people with heroin addiction: No rule book
Bipartisan group forms to deal with marijuana messaging in era of legalization
Blog post on IC&RC training full of errors
Buprenorphine and Vivitrol introduced, with caution, at Hazelden
Buprenorphine maintenance for teens: Why not?
Canada study says heroin more cost-effective than methadone for some
CDC and NIDA tout PrEP for HIV-negative injecting drug users
CDC budget request asks to link PDMPs, EHRs and law enforcement
CDC issues draft opioid prescribing guidelines for chronic pain
CDC: No link between Rx opioid crackdown and increase in heroin/fentanyl ODs
Congress and administration look at ways to expand buprenorphine treatment
Connecticut prisons and jails on brink of expanding methadone treatment
CSAT’s Clark retires, leaving questions about 42 CFR Part 2 and bupe cap
DBT, personality disorder treatment, useful in SUDs
Deadly synthetic cannabinoids used to evade marijuana drug tests
Deflection summit finds police want treatment for offenders, but funding barriers exist
Dependence or drug use disorder? Gray area for some pain patients
Device found to reduce withdrawal symptoms in open-label small retrospective study
District attorney weighs in on Good Samaritan laws
Douglas’ case hoped to bring methadone treatment behind bars
Dr. Oz brings addiction discussion to the masses
Drinking and guns: A bad combination
Drug testing ‘partnership’ lures treatment centers despite ethics issues
EHR costs for addiction treatment programs: $100,000 and up
Election: What it means for treatment and patients
Electronic cigarettes: It’s about the nicotine … and more
Even a low dose of opioids after a short period of abstinence can result in overdose
Exclusive: Details of NAATP salary survey, first in four years
Exclusive: SAMHSA creates new CMO position in medicine-based restructuring
Experts on heroin ODs: Decrease initiation, increase treatment
Federal sentencing reform may not mean much to state inmates
Field debates pros and cons of Suboxone taper using film
Florida sober home law won’t block referral path in some instances
For patients on methadone or buprenorphine, sober housing may be hard to find
For teens with opioid use disorders, buprenorphine maintenance better than detox
GAO assesses 2010 drug strategy funding for treatment and prevention
Generic Suboxone film on the horizon in the U.S.
Gitlow as ASAM president and Orexo medical director: Conflict of interest?
Gloucester, Mass., police department sending patients to Florida treatment programs
Good fiscal year for South Dakota, but treatment providers still scared to talk
Good news for SUDs: IMD waivers, $100 million for FQHCs
Good Samaritan laws undercut by prosecutions
Google restricts internet advertising for treatment centers
Guide could help mobilize providers, consumers against parity violations
Hanley said to be moving from Caron to Origins
Hearing on Capitol Hill focuses on rehab/sober home abuses
HHS proposes raising buprenorphine cap to 200
HHS secretary outrages field with methadone and buprenorphine remarks
Hoffman death shows need for methadone and buprenorphine
House opioids hearing yields powerful FDA endorsement of methadone and buprenorphine
House subcommittee explores problems of overpriced buprenorphine
How ACA repeal could hurt opioid treatment
HUD allowing landlords to discriminate against homeless people with SUDs despite federal ‘Housing First’ policy
Illinois residents with good insurance targeted by Florida provider using local marketer
In fight over 42 CFR Part 2, confidentiality wins over convenience — for now
In the blossoming recovery industry, who are the addiction workers?
Increased enforcement reduces consequences of college drinking: NIAAA
Interventionist buys Detroit mansion, will offer ‘spiritual’ alternative to residential
Joint Commission accreditation gaining steam as quality marker for providers
Joint Commission denies link between its pain standard and opioid epidemic
Journal recants correction on marijuana-psychosis link: Oops, again
Kerlikowske promotes naloxone in face of FDA barriers
Kim Johnson to be new director of CSAT
Lawyer, physician and lab agree: Drug test protocols should be based on good patient care
Leaders urge deeper dive into factors that affect men’s success in treatment
Little is known about the stories behind overdose deaths, says opioid expert
MaineCare’s six dimensions for determining continuing treatment on methadone
Majority of NM providers’ payments suspended pending Optum-driven probe
Many college students who misuse Rx stimulants have an SUD, not ADHD
MAP: Programs track their own outcomes to reduce costs of treatment
Marijuana: The new alcohol? Voices from the legalization debate
Mass. governor proposes civil commitments for SUDs
Massachusetts court weighing appropriateness of jail sanction for relapsing probationer
MAT for methamphetamine or cocaine addiction: The case for prescription stimulants
Medicaid cutbacks in Maine leave 400 OTP patients without coverage
Medicaid data show high use of services in months before fatal opioid overdoses
Medical marijuana debate raises the question: Why not dronabinol?
Methadone patient and advocate to open own OTP in Georgia
Midlevel providers to be trained in buprenorphine prescribing
Misuse of Rx opioids was preceded by legitimate Rx use in teens: Study
Most people who ‘misuse’ pain relievers do so to relieve pain: NSDUH
Murphy bill messy markup: ‘Flexible’ block grants, gutting SAMHSA and privacy
Murphy reintroduces bill to dismantle SAMHSA, this time gutting 42 CFR Part 2
NAATP calls doctor and lawyer in Prince case ‘unprofessional at best’
NAATP outcomes project, IRB in hand, starts enrolling subjects
NADCP supports MAT but questions lack of medication protocols
NARR-SCRA policy statement moves ‘sober homes’ toward new legitimacy
NAS urges more research into cannabis, and cites Schedule I status as a barrier
NASADAD releases state guidance for adolescent treatment services
New forces seek to dismantle 42 CFR Part 2
News media frames Rx opioid abuse as a criminal, not health, problem: Study
Newspaper report on OD victims turns heads; will it change minds?
NH chief medical examiner is retiring because it's time, not because of ODs
NIDA and NIAAA start to assemble plan for longitudinal study
NIDA: Yes, MAT works for fentanyl too
NIDA-NIAAA merger cancelled in surprise move
No counterpart to Clinton initiative on addiction seen from Trump campaign
No FY 2017 appropriations until March, says Congress
NSDUH: Heroin increase correlated with Rx opioid abuse decrease
NY AG settles with MVP on denial of SUD, MH claims; ValueOptions says it adhered to contract
OD victims: Descriptive data may have to come from the states
One in three teens with BP develops an SUD within four years
Opioid STR grants topped the good news; loss of ACA, confidentiality, safety for drug users loomed
Opioid treatment programs: Why aren’t there more of them?
Opioid withdrawal deaths in jails: Preventable if medical standards are followed
OTP patients, ideal for new hepatitis C medication, put on bottom of list by payers
Overdoses in older blacks, and overdoses from cocaine, are rising but being ignored
Pain patients vs. CDC and PROP: Debate reaches breaking point with new guidelines
Parity final rule even stronger than IFR, protecting residential
Peer drug users essential to success of needle exchanges
Peers as professionals: More than recovery experience is required
Phoenix House’s Planning for Reform Features Clinical, Workforce Changes
Physicians call for legalizing marijuana, government regulation, limited marketing
Physicians could treat 300–500 buprenorphine patients ‘very easily’: Gitlow
Police ‘angels’ welcome for their referrals but raise questions about training
Police abuse of PDMP in Utah prompts bill calling for search warrants
Police initiative increases access to care but raises questions about anti-med bias
Pregnant and postpartum women with SUDs need full continuum of care
Premiums may be low, but cost sharing may discourage SUD treatment
PRIDE still stands out as site tailored to LGBT clients
Private-sector-backed recovery organization helps employers
Probuphine treatment requires coordination between surgeons and prescribers
Providing counseling with buprenorphine: It doesn’t hurt, but does it help?
Reckitt pulls Suboxone tablets, citing pediatric exposures
Reckitt strikes out with FDA on bupe, now faces FTC inquiry
Recovery briefing on Hill focuses on peer-driven supports
Reduced drinking is a treatment option for some
Report from AATOD: Double OTPs, decrease stigma, increase Medicaid
Report: Exposure to legal marijuana contributes to lower perceived risk
Researcher provides details on clinical trial to compare buprenorphine and Vivitrol
Researchers say disappointing outcome in HIV study shouldn’t deter incentives
Rx drug abuse a priority for SSAs, but few are involved in PDMPs
Rx opioids and Florida: Supply-side success, but heroin on the increase
SAMHSA bans drug court grantees from ordering participants off MAT
Seabrook sues Elements, Recovery Brands for trademark infringement, unfair competition
Self-tapering from alcohol: Dangerous or harm reduction?
Sequestration: Waiting for the cuts to start
Sharply divided field awaits rulemaking on revising 42 CFR Part 2
Should Vivitrol be second-line medication only?
Sleepy New York county waking up to need for opioid treatment
Some pharmacies, fearful of law enforcement, limit access to buprenorphine
Some providers will weigh option of steering workers to exchanges
Spearheaded by LAC, coalition formed to fight for treatment parity
Special report: Addiction treatment growing as a financial investment
Staffing challenges in residential rehabs: The technicians
Stories of crisis’s forgotten victims are emerging from the shadows
Supplemental final rule on 42 CFR Part 2 could radically alter patient confidentiality
TCs positioning themselves for new healthcare environment
Teen marijuana use high, perception of risk plummets
Teens in substance abuse treatment used diverted medical marijuana: Study
Tennessee advocates ask DOJ to intervene in OTP siting case
Tennessee bill would criminalize pregnant women who use drugs
Tennessee Department of Health would interpret pregnancy bill as allowing MAT
The new administration: Not-so-new ONDCP drug strategy, and old hands at HHS guiding the transition
The science of prevention: SAMHSA, CADCA and NIAAA
The Steps remain a comfortable fit with today’s multimodal treatment
Treatment centers pay lead generator up to $1,000 for a call from a prospective patient
Treatment centers sponsor breakthrough ethics conference in NYC
Treatment field takes a step toward civil commitment
Trump, Russia and opioid treatment: What lies ahead for the U.S.?
Two different marijuana reports from Colorado
Uncertain future for ACA: Threats to substance use treatment and patients
Vermont streamlines counselor certification process
Video of jail drug-withdrawal death leads to FBI inquiry
Vivitrol ad blitz in NY, NJ and Pennsylvania
Vivitrol: Who’s right on the craving question?
What that DEA law was really about
What went wrong with and why
Why MAT staff need to communicate with law enforcement and courts
Will CDC pain guidelines create demand for treatment for opioid use disorders?
With treatment bills still unfunded, White House steps up messaging
Workforce, parity rule key to future of treatment under the ACA

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